The Drift W1: Experience Segway’s New Age E-Skates


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“Can I do the splits if I screw up?” may be a question I never need to raise myself.

But here I’m, standing on 2 hoverboards, every concerning the length of my feet, attempting to stay my balance whereas my inner thigh muscles strain to carry my legs along — and ruminative what the euphemism I might do if this stuff goes varlet and center opposite directions.

Sure, one hoverboard is simple. I exploit all of them the time. Segway’s new Drift W1 e-skates, however, area unit a touch trickier to handle. there is a constant state of attempting to adjust your feet along, and attempting to work out specifically a way to flip — one leg keeps moving whereas the opposite does not — or perhaps dismounting while not having one amongst the Drift W1 boards roll away.

Five minutes later, I am commencing to get the suspend of it, getting in circles around Mighty Velo, the electrical bike search that is distributing Segway’s e-skates here in Singapore. It’s still pretty removed from what it’s like in Segway’s promo videos, during which swish e-skaters glide around swimmingly. however, provide Maine ANother 0.5 an hour and I will most likely be even as sensible.

If you’ve got done ice-skating or rollerblading, that have will translate a small amount — for one, bending your knees extremely helps keep you stable, however, you cannot extremely carry your feet to push off. Instead, you shift your body a touch forward and off you go. simply make sure it’s on each leg, else you will be spinning in a circle.

With a high speed of twelve kilometers per hour (7.5 mph) and a riding time of concerning forty minutes, you will not be going in no time, however, you may positively have heaps of fun and one thing of a travail — I found my inner thigh muscles aching once ten minutes. Then again, I am really unfit, however, a minimum of the Drift W1 did not leave Maine being unable to climb stairs for 2 days like once I tried on the VisionBody Powersuit.


The Drift W1s area unit charged individually, tho’ the adapter cable will charge each at an equivalent time. every Drift W1 weighs around three.5 kg (7.7 pounds), and that they have a handle at very cheap for lugging them around. My main concern with the Drift is that the wheels are not that enormous and should not be able to re-evaluate smaller gaps similar to drain covers or elevator doors. I will be testing them additional once I purchase a combine for every day to undertake, and I will update this active once I do.

In the in the meantime, if you are keen to induce them, a combine of the Segway Drift W1s can sell for $399 within the United States of America and ship in August, with no word on Australia or Great Britain valuation and handiness. In Singapore, wherever I attempted this out, the W1 can price S$580, tho’ there is a special pre-order worth of $499.

Pre-order from Indiegogo


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