Como Audio appeared 2 years past and like a shot began building out a line of retro-looking speakers with trendy technical school within them. They enclosed screens, Bluetooth, and even streaming services like Spotify. however they haven’t enclosed any good assistants — a minimum of yet.

Como is beginning a campaign for a speaker known as the bar, that retains the company’s old style styles however adds within the Google Assistant. Like different Como speakers, it’s coated in either wood veneer or a shiny end and includes variety of aluminium management dials. it’s a three-quarter-inch speaker unit, a 3-inch speaker system, and a rear port to permit sound to reverberate out and increase the bass.

In a neat bit, the bar is additionally designed to modify between being a stationary and transportable speaker. The battery are going to be nonobligatory, however it’s nice that it’s a inbuilt feature instead of a hacked add-on.

The speaker can sell for $349 once the campaign is over; it’s offered currently to backers for $200 to $250 and is meant to start out shipping to backers in Nov. Como has completed variety of Kickstarters and continues to sell those product through its web site, therefore there’s a decent probability this campaign can pan out. however after all, the caution with Kickstarters continually applies, since it’s not a secure purchase.

In addition to the bar, Como is additionally saying its 1st turntable, the Como Audio Turntable. the large hook here is that it’ll have Bluetooth inbuilt, therefore you’ll be able to stream playback to connected speakers. Como isn’t the primary company to hit on this concept, however it still isn’t notably common. And whereas that mixture of analog and digital could seem strange, it’d be useful if you’re attempting to play music across multiple rooms, since you may still play to near wired speakers, too.

The turntable won’t be offered till someday this fall, and valuation data hasn’t been declared. The turntable are going to be belt driven, and naturally, it’ll have a wood veneer.

Multi-room management | Google Chromecast
SpeakEasy™ has the flexibility to wirelessly link with different Como Audio Music Systems to form whole house multi-room streaming. this can be nice news for our existing Como Audio customers. merely connect Google Chromecast Audio Devices (not included) to different units and raise SpeakyEasy™ with the Google Assistant to play your favorite music in one area or all rooms in your home.