Solarbox Lumine: IPX7 Waterproof Solar Speaker

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Solarbox Lumine is a portable 3-in-1 outdoor speaker that does more and goes further than the rest. Not only does it play music in high-fidelity, but it’s a powerful handheld flashlight and a mobile charging power bank for your favorite devices. With its waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof construction, Solarbox Lumine is ready to handle the bumps and bruises of your adventures.

With Bluetooth and dual inputs, connect to your devices however you choose while hearing your music like never before. Solarbox Lumine is the ultimate travel companion, and once you experience it, you’ll wonder how you traveled without it for so long.

The Lumine is the perfect device when going off the grid into the wilderness. Never let a dead battery slow you down again! Simply place the Lumine in direct sunlight, and the internal battery will charge safely and automatically.

Using the power of the sun, you can not only charge up the Lumine but any other devices you have, using the built-in power bank.


Who likes waiting? When you’re always on the move, you shouldn’t need to wait to charge up. The Lumine features fast power conversion. In as little as ten minutes of direct sunlight, you can enjoy 30 minutes of audio playback.

This is all possible thanks to the efficient and advanced power converter built-in. Keep the good times rolling and never experience a silent moment with Lumine.


Where other portable speakers fall short, the Lumine lasts longer with a stunning 20+ hours of playback time. With a large-capacity battery that regulates power efficiently, you can keep the music going, and your devices powered up well throughout the night.

The best part is that when the sun is out, the Lumine is continuously charging all while still playing music. With the Lumine, worrying about a dead battery is never an issue.

You should never run out of battery when out in the wild. The large-capacity 5,000 mAh battery can keep the music going for hours and charge up your devices multiple times over.

If you’re out of the sunlight or at home, use the USB charging capability of the Lumine to keep the device charged for when you need it most.


Forget about lugging along extra flashlights and lanterns that will slow you down. With the Lumine, you can save precious weight and space during backpacking trips into the wild.

The LED light is capable of getting extremely bright and will help shine the way wherever you go.

Different situations call for different types of lights. Rather than carrying four different flashlights and lanterns, the Lumine’s four lighting modes are perfect for a variety of conditions.

Use the low lighting mode to see in the tent at night, high power for viewing further into the darkness, and SOS when in an emergency situation.


You shouldn’t let a little rain ruin your parade, and the Lumine won’t let it. The robust construction and design of the Lumine is ready for a splash in the lake, the pool, or wherever your next adventure takes you.

The IPX7 rating isn’t given to just any device, and we’re proud of the quality of the construction we’ve achieved. Take the Lumine for a swim and keep the music playing.


On any adventure, you can expect to experience some bumpy roads. Don’t let the windy, rough trails keep you from enjoying your music! The Lumine features a robust construction complete with a rubberized case with impact-absorbing silica gel to protect the inner components.

So be as gentle or as rough as you want with the Lumine; it can take it.

Whether you’re on the beach or out tearing up some sand dunes, dirt in your speaker should be the last of your worries. The Lumine is built to let the sound out and keep the elements out.

Keep the tunes going wherever you are with the peace of mind knowing your speaker is 100% protected.

You should demand more from your portable speaker. The Lumine is robust enough to handle your toughest adventures with revolutionary features, but sound quality is still a priority. The Lumine’s speakers pump out sound at a superior quality with a distortion level of less than 0.1%.

Wherever you are, demand more from your sound and enjoy home theater quality sound in a robust and compact package.

Who says portable speakers need to be tinny and quiet? Thanks to 2*10w speaker drivers, the Lumine is capable of delivering music loud enough to get the party bumping.

At a max volume of 110dB, you’ll be able to let the entire forest hear you and might even shake some trees!

The Lumine isn’t just a bass machine – it also has audiophile-level audio quality that you can take anywhere. We took our time in designing the audio circuit of the Lumine to ensure it offers a balanced spectrum of sound.

So, along with booming bass, you can experience perfectly balanced mids, along with crisp highs that are anything but tinny.

With the advanced Bluetooth 4.2 chip built into Lumine, stream high-quality audio from your Bluetooth enabled device. The Lumine features an extended range, meaning you can still play audio near or far.

Let your music follow you wherever you go through wireless Bluetooth streaming!

Sometimes Bluetooth isn’t available. That shouldn’t be a reason for the music to stop! With the built-in auxiliary input, simply plug in any music device, and you’re ready to rock!

This also means that you’ll have the highest audio quality available pumping through the Lumine’s 2 * 10w speakers!


What if you don’t want to bring your audio device along for the trip? The Lumine offers even more convenience with a built-in TF card port! Simply load up your favorite music onto the card ahead of time and load it into the Lumine.

The Lumine will automatically playback the files on the card in hi-fidelity. Leave your devices at home for an unplugged trip while keeping your music with you at all times!


Use the Lumine at home or on the go as your new favorite speakerphone. Let your friends hear you loud and clear through hi-fi audio.

Keep your hands free and keep the conversation going wherever you are!


When traversing trails or even just carrying your beach chairs to the water, you need your hands free. The Lumine features a convenient carabiner attachment to hook to your bag, belt loop, or anything!

Keep the Lumine safe and enjoy the ultimate mobility with the convenient design!


When backpacking or traveling, every cubic inch counts. The Lumine offers a lot in a small package. Instead of carrying a separate solar panel charger, flashlight, and speaker, it’s all packed into this compact device.

Enjoy more freedom, flexibility, and save space with the Lumine!







Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2

Wireless Transmission Distance: 33 ft (10M)

Audio Input: Bluetooth, Aux, TF Card

Audio Performance: Support AAC, MP3, SBC, Stereo

Signal-to-noise Ratio (SNR): ≥75dB

Distortion: ≤0.1%

Output Power: 2 * 10W

Input Sensitivity: AUX:650MV

Speaker: F52mm, 20, 4R/10W *2

Frequency Response: 100Hz – 18KHz

Operation Voltage: 6.0 – 8.4V

Standby Current: ≤0.5mA

Build-in Battery: 5000mAh

Charging Specifications: 5V/2A

Solar panel Charging: 9V/120mA

Built-in Battery Output: 5V/1A






1. How long is the battery life?

SolarBox Lumine can be used for 20+ hours without charging. However, depending on the volume level and how it is used, the hours vary.

2. What is the power bank capacity?

SolarBox Lumine is also a 4400 mAh power bank, which means you can fill your iPhone up to two times.

3. How to connect my device to SolarBox Lumine?

Long press the power switch and turn the power on. The blue Bluetooth indicator will flash alternatively.

Search the Bluetooth signal of nearby devices through your device and select “Solar Box”. Once the devices are connected, the blue indicator will keep lightening. The indicator will keep blinking when any data is under transferring.

You can also play music on Lumine by connecting your device with an AUX cord, as well as TF card input.

4. How to turn on the LED light?

Double press the LED button to turn on the LED light. To change mode, press the LED button once.

Double press the LED button again to turn off the light.
5. What does it mean when you say Lumine is IPX7 Waterproof?

There are different “levels” of water resistance that are standard. For IPX7, it means that the device can handle full splash, shower, even be immersed in water up to 3 feet.

6. How to answer and dial out phone calls?

When the SolarBox is connected to your smartphone, short press the “answer/play/pause” button to answer the phone call.

Short press again to hang up the call.

Long press the “answer/play/pause” button to dial out the last call.
8. What is the refund policy for SolarBox Lumine?

You can initiate 100% refunds within the first 8 days of backing an Indiegogo campaign.

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