Rymek Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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Rymek: KnewKey Retro Mechanical Keyboard Knocks On Makuake’s Door

Hong Kong, China – July 13th, 2018 — KnewKey, a trend-setting electronics manufacturing company today announced it would launch a retro-style mechanical keyboard on Makuake 7th of August, 2018. It has successfully launched on Indiegogo. KnewKey’s Rymek is a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard. It comes with distinguished saddle-shaped keycaps plus Cherry MX switches to give users satisfying tactile feedback, and the intense feelings of nostalgia.


Featuring ergonomically shaped saddle keycaps, typing on Rymek keyboard is far more comfortable than those come with rounded keycaps. Available in Brown and Blue switches, the clicking sounds just like an old manual typewriter will certainly make everyone love typing again.

Rymek works perfectly with both Mac, PC and iOS/Android devices. Users can easily switch between Bluetooth or wired mode with its vintage handle. Unmatched in its aesthetic design, Rymek comes with dynamic backlit keys, something you rarely get to see in a wireless keyboard.

“Rymek is inspired by those typewriters in the late 50s.” said Ferdinand Hao, head of product design. “Under the hood, Rymek keyboard is an aesthetic composition which delivers the intense feelings of nostalgia; ultimately, it is able to present the highest-quality, on-demand analog typing for tech lovers.”

Key features include:

  • Saddle-shaped keycaps for a more comfortable typing experience
  • Satisfying tactile feedback with Blue or Brown switches
  • Support Bluetooth & wired modes
  • Support Windows/macOS/iOS/Android OS (Pair with 3 devices)
  • Come with 7 dynamic lighting effects
  • Easily adjust volume with the scroll knob

Original Video Script:

  • Vintage and elegant design
  • Clicky and responsive mechanical switches
  • Saddle-shaped keycaps
  • Rymek pair with 3 Bluetooth devices
  • Switch bewteen Bluetooth and wired mode
  • Scroll knob for volume control
  • 7 dynamic backlit effects
  • Rymek brings you the best typing experience ever

About KnewKey

The Rymek Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Pre-order from Indiegogo


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