Powerful suction for deep cleans
Powered by 100,000 revolutions per minute brushless DC motor, Roidmi F8 generates sturdy suction power. designed to captures down-deep dirt from carpets, floor cracks, and inside pad.Powerful suction for deep cleans

Lightweight style for an easy improvement

Roidmi F8 uses simplicity as style thought to attain its all-white elegant look whereas permitting it to stay light-weight and easy. With the full machine weighs one.5kg, it’slight-weight and handy to wash all around your home and automobile.

Long-lasting battery to wash entire home and automobile

A superior LG atomic number 3 battery provides up to fifty five minutes of powerful suction with a improvement space of 350 sq. meters (3,800 sq. foot) and up to tenminutes underneath gamma hydroxybutyrate power mode, enough operational power to wash all around your home. associate intelligent power management system is additionally incorporated to confirm the battery is employed at its very best performance.

Air filtration and purification

With the four-layer filtration system, the Roidmi F8 intercepts hair and mud, filters substance and dirt, and releases with sublimate air. The filtration system effectively absorbs participles as tiny as PM0.3 and provides purification rate up to ninety nine.

Maintain the ground whereas improvement

The soft woven nylon roller brush is meant particularly for delicate clean of picket floor. It removes mud whereas sprucing the picket floor at identical time.

Anti-mite brush to wash invisible danger

The electric anti-mite brush employs the versatile nylon brush combined with rubber stip. With freelance inherent motor, it removes mites, germs, hair, and dander all right away