Roidmi F8: Lightest &Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum


Roidmi F8 Storm is light-weight and silent, with up to fifty five minutes of powerful suction per charge.
Our worth is regarding half what you’d notice on the marketplace for this sort of superior home appliance.
We achieved this cost-efficient worth each by optimizing the merchandise style, and -thanks to being a crucial member of the Xiaomi ecosystem-through robust offer chain management.
Traditional vacuum cleaners with cords area unit significant and not terribly easy. however upgraded, conductor vacuum cleaners usually are not as powerful as their larger counterparts.. when in depth work, Roidmi came up with its latest F8 Storm home appliance, a mixture of powerful suction and light-weight construction.

Powerful Suction

Powered by associate degree a hundred,000 rev brushless DC motor,the Roidmi F8 Storm generates robust suction power. It’s designed to capture planted dirt and mess from carpets, crevices within the floor, and even mattresses. The digital motor generates up to eighteen,5KPa centrifugal gas pressure, effectively removes the dirt on the bottom.

Award-winning however straightforward style

We use simplicity as a style idea to realize associate degree all-white engaging exterior whereas permitting the cleaner to stay light-weight and easy. The 270-degree arciform, giant handle designed for straightforward engrossing works with numerous cleansing heads for various tasks.


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