PowerTalkie: The Advanced Off-Network Comms Device

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Does being far into a hiking trail and seeing “No Signal” scare you? Stay connected to your friends even when there is no reception, wi-fi, or networks. Power Talkie allows you to create your own network and stay in touch with friends through SMS, Voice, and even by sharing maps when you’re hiking, camping, climbing, sailing, or any other activity where there is no signal connection.

Power Talkie is a portable device which connects to your smartphone and creates a network connection between other devices connected to the Power Talkie, allowing you and your friends to stay connected by sending SMS, Voice, and even sharing maps and GPS when there is no reception, Wi-Fi or networks. And there are NO monthly fees – the Power Talkie works from the time you purchase it without issue!

Connect to Power Talkie with your smartphone through its companion app to share your GPS location or maps.


Once you’re on your Power Talkie’s network you can even send voice recordings or real-time talking to stay quickly in touch with your friends.

And you can even send messages and emojis so you can keep locations, coordinates, and landmarks committed to your phone’s memory.

Stay connected to other devices using the Power Talkie network for up to a distance of 20 miles! Whether you are on the other side a mountain or mid-hiking trail, just connect to your Power Talkie and message your friends who are using their own Power Talkie!



Built from TPU plastic and tested against dust and water, Power Talkie can withstand heavy falls, is IP67 Waterproof rated, and is even dust-proof so you can head into the backcountry without fear.

If you ever find yourself off trail or lose your friends or find yourself injured and alone, you can just send out an SOS signal and everyone on the Power Talkie network will receive it along with your location.

Built with a 6000mAh battery, Power Talkie can be on for up to 7 days without having to be charged. This means you can keep your off-network. And its integrated USB connection allows you to recharge your devices in a pinch no matter where you find yourself.

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