Transform a mouse pad to a charging hub. 

No matter how little or how much time you spend on your computer. You likely already know the important benefits that a quality mouse pad can provide. Designed with the revolutionary aesthetic and practical and creative functions, PowerDock is a 10000mah mobile power supply and an elegant aluminum mouse pad. Coming with 4 USB output ports as well as wireless Qi-enabled wireless quick charging. Enhance the coolness of the desktop, let your mouse easily deal with rugged desktop, while improving its performance, create efficient work and game environment for you anywhere.

Easier to clean and hold up over time.

Studio, work quite as well for those needing the best precision. Agility and fast movement that the newest laser or optical mice are capable of. You’ll likely find that hard mouse pads made of plastic or metal offer quicker response to precise movements that’ll excel for video gaming, graphic design and other advanced tasks.

10W Qi-certified fast wireless charging

Up to 10W Fast Wireless Charge:  PowerDock is using the latest Qi wireless charging standard, supports 7.5W high speed for iPhone 8 / X/8p wireless charging. Also supports 5/10 w high speed Android wireless charging.

5w ordinary

7.5w Apple iPhone (Apple iPhone X/8/8 Plus)

10w: Samsung (S8 / S8 + / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 Edge Plus / Note 5 / Note 7 / Note 8)

Up to 10000mAh High Battery Capacity

PowerDock is working with 10000mAh mobile power, while charging your side devices

The large-capacity charging station could be brought to anywhere. Side charge and put: use it as a desktop charging station plus hub.

Apple iPhone X/8/8 Plus/ S8/S8+/IPaD/macbook charging times

Most effective battery protection system

PowerDock is installed with battery consumption protection:

a.The battery shelf life is longer than similar products on the market. Turn off the power button, so that when you do not use the mobile power feature, the battery will not automatically consume power.

b. Four indicators to show the mobile power and charging status.

The 12-layers of powerful intelligent protection not only simplifies the charging process, but also protects your devices and the shelf life of USB-C.

Charging multiple devices with smart streaming

PowerDock could identify different devices to intelligently allocate the required current and voltage to adapt to the optimal voltage level of each device, including providing safe charging for small devices such as watches and headphones.


Launched on Indiegogo 

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MSRP: $99

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