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New unimaginable wireless earphones from Padmate maintain sale in September with a spectacular low worth.
Chinese Padmate is back with new wireless earphones. the corporate created an enormous splash in Spring with mercantilism the PaMu X13 wireless earbuds for under $29. simply many months once the discharge of the PaMu X13 Earbuds, Padmate stuns with the PaMu Scroll wireless earphones. The technical advancement and shrinking ar impressive.

The new PaMu Scroll earbuds ar concerning 0.5 the dimensions of the PaMu X13 and are full of far better technology and improved sound. I even have reviewed the first PaMu X13 earphones in July and came away affected. The earphones became my daily driver. The new PaMu Scroll may be a beautiful upgrade.

Padmate uses new Bluetooth five.0 chips that modify quick and sturdy automotive vehicle pairing and association. once pairing the PaMu Scroll the primary time, you do not get to trouble thereupon any longer. Right as I take the earbuds out of the charging scroll, they’re connected to my iPhone seven and. The association is confirmed by a voice within the earbuds.

The new PaMu Scroll are therefore tiny that they match fully in my ear. they’re super light-weight and that I virtually do not feel them sporting. Initially, I assumed that they might fall out, however, they only do not. The PaMu X13 have these hooks that build them extraordinarily safe to wear. The new PaMu Scroll, I simply stick into my ears and that they keep in situ.

When putting the PaMu Scroll wireless earphones in your ear, you would like to form certain the mike holes are on rock bottom. each earbud is touch-enabled and supports to require a decision. A double faucet on the proper earbuds call up Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

A single faucet stops the music and a double faucet on the left earbud selects following track. just like the previous generation of the Padmate PaMu, the new ones are waterproof, creating them ideal for understanding. The sound is nice with deep and full bass. vital for a good sound is that you simply realize the most effective match with the bundled ear tips.

Now let’s observe the charging case. The new earphones are referred to as scroll for a reason. The charging case may be a roll wrapped in animal skin with a magnet lid. I even have ne’er seen a style like this. It’s distinctive and completely beautiful. you’ll be able to choose from four styles. the fashion of the review unit is named “Rock’n’Roll.”

Pre-order from Indiegogo


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