Nature Box: Smart, Simple, Renewable Indoor Garden

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Nature Box is the future of indoor gardening. Compostable and replaceable plant pods grow your favourite flowers and herbs (or anything else with the simple push of a button). And all of it, from the lighting to the watering, is automated to give you the best possible growth on your indoor garden while being eco-friendly.



Nature Box is designed to provide you with maximum return on an indoor garden for minimal effort. You’ll save time and energy by not having to weed, fertilize, water, or worry about lighting for your indoor garden as the Nature Box is totally automated. And it’s so small it can add a splash of green to any indoor space, from your home to your office to your art studio.

Using Special Glow Lights to optimize the rate of your garden growth, Nature Box is automatically set to be on for 16 hours and OFF for 8 hours ON (the optimal amount to maximize the growth of your plants) so you don’t have to worry about turning them on or off each day. You can also extend the light handle as your indoor garden sprouts to promote healthy growth in your plants.



With the auto-watering system you’ll only need to add water every 2-3 weeks to the Nature Box. It will distribute the water as your garden needs it for maximum growth. And when the internal water is low your app will remind you to add more water to the system.



The Nature Box App will remind you when to add water. You’ll even be able to write about your plant’s growth and share it online and compare with others growing their own Nature Boxes.

We will be offering 24/7 customer support through Facebook, Messenger or through our email!
In the future we are planning to offer support directly through our App to better help you grow your indoor garden.


Nature Box is extremely clean and very organic. Its soilless coconut fiber substrate ensures there’s no dust, pest or dirt making it ideal for indoor gardening. And each seed is pesticide and herbicide free, non-GMO and carefully selected to provide a beautiful look and taste when fully grown.



Nature Box uses a soilless substrate made from organic coconut fiber that is packed with formulated, slow releasing plant nutrition, making it more affordable so you can grow your indoor garden without the need for soil. After years of research our team made the soilless nutritional substrate to provide high value and growth for a decent price – and we will be patenting it very soon!

With Nature Box’s easily interchangeable Refill Packs you can switch out plants in no time at all with no dust or messes occuring. Grow anything you’d like from Basil, Dill, or Mint. And we’ll be adding even more options for your Nature Box in the future!

Note: 3 Refill Packs contain seeds of basil, mint and dill.

Compatible with most sockets – some countries may need an adapter to fit prongs.


We, long-time friends Fan and Sasa, came together over a shared inability to keep herbs alive year-round and we realized all the smart soilless gardening devices currently on the market were either too expensive, too impractical to use, or only grew ornamental flowers. After realizing there was a market need for a smart, simple and renewable automated indoor garden the two of us decided to come up with our own design. We were joined by Jabuko and Hikmet, and together we have created the Nature Box.

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