Magginy, the best car/game magnetic wireless charge,is the worlds’ first 3-in-1 Qi car wireless charger pack: Portable Wireless Magnetic Receiver Charging Case; 360° Rotation Strong Magnetic Holder; 5000mAh magnetic portable power bank.

With the precisely fit magnetic design and 7.5W(5V,1.5A) power, Magginy ensures you will get 100% wireless charging power and fast charging experience. simply put your phone on the charger plate to start charging without a cable. It is a charger and phone holder holding your phone and charges at the same time. Magnet is strong to hold up to rough terrain and swerve driving. An additional magnetic portable power bank let you to charge your phone whatever you are.



Magginy, the magnetic wireless charging pack, a full set of solutions that you can use anywhere. So that you will never loss power wherever you are using high-power software, such as in the car, playing games or watching movies, release your hands and enjoy the unprecedented experience with simply hold and charge.

Original Portable wireless magnetic receiver charging case is provided for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X. If you do not like the original Portable Wireless Magnetic Receiver Charging Case and get a personalized phone case, Magginy do carry stainless steel magnetic paste, which allow you plug in 0.7mm hard coil, backed on any of your phone case. When you remove the back paste, it will never damage your phone.

The 5000mAh colossal capacity specially for every emergency. In your urgent need, wireless portable charger provides you 120%+ extra battery life. The wireless power bank has a USB output that can be used to charge almost any electronic devices at the same time.

The wireless charger is compatible with Qi WPC and charges more steadily for wireless charging protocol, which can give QI standard (5W/7.5W) equipment matching charge. Unlike the traditional Qi-certified wireless charger comes with the problem of not being able to get a perfect fit between smartphone and magnetic wireless charging coil, causing short circuit or sacrificing some of the charging energy. Magginy’s unique coil precise adsorption design and the most powerful magnet ensure that your smartphone get a stable 100% wireless charging in a dynamic environment. It is convenient, safe, simple and easy to protect your devices when it has sufficient power.
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