Lumzag: World’s Smartest Bag Made of Carbon Fiber


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Lumzag Smart Bags Recharge the World of Smart Fashion

San Francisco, CA , 1 Aug, 2018 –
Lumzag is unique in the industry, incorporating seven smart features, each carefully designed with everyone’s comfort and convenience in mind. These include:

  • Wireless Charger with Built-in Power Bank charges your phone, tablet, laptop, and any other device on the go.
  • Inside Light activates automatically in the dark, illuminating the interior of the bag.
  • Missing Item Reminder keeps track of what you have in the backpack and notifies you when something is left behind.
  • Back View Camera shows of what is going on behind you.
  • Remote Anti-theft Alarm and Open Alert warns you if someone tries to open your bag and notifies you when the distance between you and your backpack is too far.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking allows you to be fully aware of your backpack’s exact location.
  • Wi-Fi Everywhere keeps you connected, even while traveling the globe.

All features are accessed via the Lumzag app, which is compatible with the latest updates on all platforms.

The bags come in three models: the Backpack, the Messenger Bag, and the Crossbody Bag. All models include the seven smart features. The line-up is designed to fit everyone’s style and preferences. Lumzag bags are designed for versatility, so no matter where the world takes you, Lumzag will have your back.

Due to its modern and innovative style, Lumzag is a highly sought-after product. It is paired with high-end materials, such as Carbon Fiber provided by Carbitex, AquaGuard silicon-coated water-resistant zippers by YKK, and genuine Italian leather. Lumzag also offers faux/vegan leather or nylon to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Pre-order from Indiegogo



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