Knops – The volume button for your ears

No more flights filled with crying babies. No more risk of your ears falling off at that concert. No more loud neighbors.  Knops are analog acoustic and adjustable earplugs.

With this product, there are no batteries involved so it works always and everywhere. With Knops you can easily adjust the volume to your needs, to your situation. You can use the knob, that works like a volume button, to switch between the different filters.

While step one will allow you to hear as you would without the plugs, step two can cancel the background noise of a vibrant city, step three is meant for dulling down a loud music concert, and step four creates a little bubble of isolated silence that’s perfect for work. With no need for unplugging and plugging back in, Knops are ergonomically engineered to wear comfortable.

Knops was born from a need for comfortable, high-functioning earplugs that actually looked good—all this while providing a decent user experience. Whilst electronic hearables were good at lowering noise levels, the electronics distorted the sound, and provided feedback with a slight lag.

On the constrast, Knops works completely acoustically and each level of noise filtration has been fine-tuned in acoustic labs to perfect the sound quality. By mimicking the natural response of the human ear to sound, we managed to create a reduction in decibels across all noise frequencies, meaning that sound travels through all the four steps with minimal distortion.

The design of Knops is on a classic round volume button, with inside the shape of a gramophone cone, showing the link with volume and sound. This design in high-quality materials in combination with the option of various colors and trims makes Knops an accessory item which fits your personal style.Knops will be available in different colors and trims.