Did you ever count, how many times you open your backpack in a day? Is it difficult to get stuffs in the mess? Or you may need to put your backpack on the ground to find what you need ? For solving this problem. JNA BP-501 IS designed to quick access the backpack. You can find stuffs quickly and easily with carrying the backpack on one shoulder.

For different occasions, the backpack match the clothes or with the environment changes, backpack = handbag, no matter what occasion, let you ease.Handbag mode, easy to carry, also could place in the cabin or luggage, simple and stylish.can also be converted to backpack mode and strips can be hidden too convrting it into handbag mode,

It is designed many details around the backpack under the principle of “quick access.” The purpose was for the convenience and safety of the backpack.


Backpack has three main pockets, with variety of different function bag, for the frequently used were pencil bag / wallet bag / mobile bag , Compartment A material containing foam could fully protect the items and make the backpack stylish. here you can put mobiles etc.

Five small pockets for 3C products and a 15″ laptop packet in compartment B. You can put 2~3 clothes and 1 shoes in compartment B as well. Five small pockets for 3c products:10″ ipad, power bank, earphone, calculators, keys,….etc.

Laptop in compartment C. You don’t have to worry about changing backpacks when you changing laptops with larger size.Laptop in compartment C. You don’t have to worry about changing backpacks when you changing laptops with larger size.

Hidden pocket capacity:more capacity after putting in a wallet and a mobile phone simultaneously. This design which closing human’s back, it is not only for quick access, but also preventing to be stolen.

You can enjoy music when your phone is in hidden pocket, you can pull out your earphones from the cable hole. Don’t worry about losing your phone and enjoy music at the same time.

Side pocket is perfect for water bottle, umbrella, keys, and coins…….,etc. The mesh bag design is perfect for coins. The height of side pocket is around 15 cm.It fits most of the water bottles around 600 cc. We add the drawstring on the mesh bag, all sizes of water bottles can be fixed safely.

Funding Campaign for JNA Backpack is started on Kickstarter and indeigogo.


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