GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch – Hassle-free with style


You want a smartwatch that respects it slow. we have a tendency to created GLIGO to try and do simply that.

No crazy/flashy married woman and alerts that ne’er stop. we have a tendency to solely keep track of the foremost vital things for you throughout the day: check time, meeting reminder, and a touch little bit of health observation and fitness trailing.

While providing you with the foremost snug watch-reading expertise, GLIGO conjointly has unprecedentedly long battery life. totally different from most of the smartwatches on the market that need charges daily, we have a tendency to adopted Associate in Nursing energy-efficient dual-core design: the quartz core incorporates abattery lifetime of up to 2 years, e-ink screen incorporates a battery lifetime of up to one hundred eighty days.

We strive for simplicity and practicality, and continually with vogue. With GLIGO, you’ll specialize in the items you care the foremost concerning.
GLIGO’s screen is e-ink, and there’s no reflection underneath the sun like ancient liquid displays have. And it solely consumes energy once screen color changes (e.g., switch from black to white). when turning off, pictures on screen stay, thus terribly energy-efficient.

Another advantage of e-ink screen over ancient liquid show is that it’s straightforward to scan. E-ink sounds like written text, creating it easier for eyes.​


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