The FuntaSee is a featured and the first-ever 4G portable projector that runs on Android OS. It has a 120 inches projection screen that allows you to easily enjoy a large screen visual effect. You can also use this device for streaming at 4G LTE speed with T-Mobile or any GSM sim card. Apart from being a projector, this can also be used as a WiFi hotspot wherein it can allow you to connect different Android apps from google play, so that it can be used both for entertainment, office and life. The large battery capacity can stay up to 3hrs of projection as it has 8000 mAh of battery. Other features is coming with the following…


4G LTE – Your On-the-go Theatre

FuntaSee is equipped with a 4G card slot, and is entirely wireless and portable. This is the future of 4G, with a stunning and powerful theater available wherever you go. FuntaSee is making it possible to view anywhere with its slim body, which is fit in your backpack. It is powerful enough to replace your home theater system, bringing everyone a luxury watching experience.

DLP Image Technology

FuntaSee brings you brilliant, colorful, and sharp visuals with DLP image technology no matter what size you are viewing in. By using DLP optical projection, FuntaSee gives a substantial increase in brightness. Brightness has been enhanced by nearly 30% compared to other products. Get unmatched pixel depth, sharpness in detail, and color clarity, wherever you go.

1080P HD Resolution

FuntaSee possesses up to 1080P of brightness, providing you the brightest and clearest images and videos, even in the daytime. With 1080P, FuntaSee’s brightness is up to 750lm, and it takes the lead in projecting images even in the daytime. You don’t have to be restricted to only using it in a dark environment. It completely redefines clarity to an unimaginable level, making you feel immersed in the action on the screen.

Automatic Keystone Correction

With +/-40° vertical and horizontal keystone correction, FuntaSee effectively solves the problem of screen distortion. You no longer need to search for the perfect projection angle to avoid picture distortion. FuntaSee redefines the unimaginable, providing both horizontal and vertical + – 40 degrees keystone correction. Even if the projector is not directly facing the wall, it will project a square image without any distortion.

Short Throw Projector

FuntaSee powerfully possesses 0.9:1 projection ratio. Achieve your huge screen-watching

dreams, even in a narrow space. You can project a bigger image within a short distance compared to other projectors, offering a broader perspective in the comfort of your own home.

  •      FuntaSee: 0.5m projection distance
  •      Other projector: 3.6m projection distance


Android OS

Many projectors do not come with apps already loaded. FuntaSee is an all-in-one projector, which is compatible with Android OS 5.1. There are many apps available to download. Make it your on-the-go theater, your game console, or your home office with tons of apps from Google Play.

8000mAh Battery Capacity

Here is today’s option to get high energy of 8000mAh battery, FuntaSee has its build-in 8000mah high-energy polymer physics battery, it can project while it is getting charged. Energy-saving mode is on with endurance of 3 hours, so that it could continue working on without plugged in.

Pocket size

FuntaSee is slim, compact, and light. Whether you are indoors or out, experience quality viewing wherever you are. FuntaSee is easy to take along no matter how many other things you have to carry.


Launching on June 26 10AM PST

On Kickstarter


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