Since the primary caricature look of Dick Tracy’s watch in 1946, its unambiguously daring and classic look has created it one in every of the foremost recognizable timepieces.

But, for over seventy years, we’ve solely been ready to dream of owning one—until now!

By partnering with the official licensor, top-notch engineers, and a master horologist, our watch appearance nice, feels nice, and makes the decision—just just like the real McCoy.

Now, we’d like your support to manufacture the world’s 1st real Dick actor watch.

As brothers, we’ve shared heaps growing up, together with the dream of 1 day owning a true operating Dick actor watch.
Not a toy or a smartwatch, however a prime quality Dick actor watch that will 3 things: appearance cool, tells time, and makes the call. But, even once twenty 5 years of looking and waiting, it had nevertheless to return true. So, we have a tendency to created it ourselves!

Design aims to capture the long-lasting look of the initial Dick actor watch.
Designed by Nick Mathis (that’s me!) with Autodesk’s Fusion 360, the planning and feel was iterated dozens of times right here in my very own workshop mistreatment the bird of passage 883 desktop CNC machine by and 3D printing from The result’s a mix of its painting 1st caricature look with the correctweight and luxury of a prime quality measuring system that appears nice with jeans or a suit.

This is not simply a true Dick actor watch, it is the official one.
It wasn’t enough for U.S. to form the Dick actor watch real—we created it official. By partnering with apsis Content Agency, we have a tendency to developed a worldwide completely authorised measuring system that with pride represents the historic Dick actor complete.