Memomate: Revolutionary 3 in 1 E-Writer Tablet, PowerBank & Wireless Charger

Memomate: Revolutionary 3 in 1 E-Writer Tablet, PowerBank & Wireless Charger


Extraordinary and Revolutionary 3 in 1 E-Writer Tablet, Power Bank and Wireless Charger.  Stay powered and organized! Say goodbye to paper and phone power shortages.



Memomate is professionally developed and designed by writing enthusiasts and paper and pen experts. We managed to make writing on the screen feel the same as writing directly on paper. With the aid of the stylus pen, you can write fluidly on the e-ink screen and highlight texts easily. You can write smoothly without lagging or disruption. Also, the e-ink screen won’t make your eyes feel tired.

Besides, it is suitable for taking note and making to-do list. Talking on the phone, you can take quick notes of important information with Memomate e-writer.

Memomate gives you the power to bring your writing ideas to life with a smart digital pen that has accurate pressure sensing. It is hassle free, offers the same ease of movement as writing on paper, and requires no charging. It is equally slick like the tablet, thereby giving you the premium digital feel.

Memomate is ideally equipped with a DEL button. The great feature that helps you delete anything or everything so you can endlessly use the tablet without obstruction.

However, without touching on the DEL button, you don’t have to worry about your records being deleted as everything will still be intact!

As a trendy e-writer, you do not need to charge or change batteries. There is no other e-writer with such a feature! The device is designed for writing for lengthy periods and taking notes during meetings. Even though many people prefer the e-writer to a keyboard, existing digital notepad products need to be charged or their batteries have to be replaced. The good news is you can continually use Memomate without having to charge at all – a great feature you wouldn’t want to miss!

With Memomate Digital E-writer, you can scan your work with your phone or take a picture and upload it to Cloud, Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox, and more. Your meeting notes, masterpieces, and documents will now be manageable and shareable.You are fully secured!

Features two input ports and two output ports. Allow two devices to be charged simultaneously. It is capable of charging an iPhone 8 four times. You couldn’t desire a better e-writer with a power source!

A protection case is included in the package box to prevent scratches and keep the device neat. It has a smooth texture and is easy to clean. Spots a wireless charging technology for Qi phones and devices. It’s a perfect wireless charging pad on your desk because it can charge your devices and recharge itself simultaneously.

We perfectly understand that not everyone has a Qi phone, so we have two options for you. A case with a wireless charging function and a normal case. We care about your preferences!

The hardware parts of Memomate E-Writer are constructed with superior quality materials to ensure durability, longevity, and safe use of the device.



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Lepow International LLC. is a leading electronic manufacturer established in 2011 in Hongkong, China, and started its branch in United States in 2013. Its crowdfunding campaign of HiSmart-a smart backpack has achieved great success in 2015. Lepow is dedicated to delivering high-end smart mobile accessories and top-notch user-experience to worldwide customers. Lepow’s portable charger has won the Red Dot Design Concept Award and the CES Innovation Awards HONOREE. Comprised of a team of experts, Lepow will continue to provide better products and customer services to you in the future, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry or feedback!


Magginy: The Most Featured Magnetic Wireless Charger Pack

Magginy: The Most Featured Magnetic Wireless Charger Pack

Maginny is the 3-in-1 Qi charger pack made for the future. Never worry about misplacing a charging cable again and always stay connected with this charging kit. Three built-in functionalities make this device unique and well-equipped to handle anything.


         Traditional                            Magginy

Just focus on your driving. Plug your phone into the charger using one hand. Insert in your car’s A/C vent and tap your phone to the holder and snap into power.

With 1.5X fast charging speed, the Magginy wireless charging pack is your dead-battery solution. Never miss an urgent call, text, or photo because of a dead battery again!

For the traditional metal plate, it is hard to make it accurately align with the centre of iPhone charging loops. And it directly covers the wireless charging loops leading to heat dissipation difficulty so that it hurt your phone.

The circled magnet design encircles the apple wireless charging centre, which can avoid accumulated over-heat because of the overlap between traditional adhesive metal past and iPhone charging centre.

Magginy is compatible with 7.5W Qi WPC as well as WPC 1.1 and 1.2 wireless charging protocol.

Part of Qi-certified fast charging smartphones:

Apple iPhone: 8, 8 Plus, X.

Samsung Galaxy: S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge.

LG: V30, G6 (US version only), G4 (optional), G3 (optional)

Microsoft Lumia: 1520, 1020, 930, 929, 928, 920.

Google Nexus: 4, 5, 6, 7 (2013)

BlackBerry: Priv.

Magginy car charger and mobile power bank feature charging power up to 7.5W (the largest output for iPhone) to juice your devices up in no time! Regular wireless chargers only offer 3W or 5W output.

Get your phone to a full charge in less than halftime.

Fast charge mode enables wireless charging up to 2⨉ faster (Note 8/Note 5 S8/S8 Plus S7/S7 edge S6 edge Plus), for standard charge mode, still up to 1.5x faster than traditional wireless chargers (iPhone X iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus).

This Magginy car mount can easily fit in the A/C vent of your car. You will never lose power wherever you are using a navigation app. You don’t need to hold your phone against the charger either because of its strong magnetic connection. Release your hands and enjoy the unprecedented experience with a hold and charge.

Our charge coils were designed for the most connective fit. In any environment, enjoy 100% reliable and dependable wireless charger and the strongest magnetic power!

Exclusively applied with our most recent SmartSafe™ technology, the design encircles the wireless charging centre, which can avoid accumulated over-heat.

For the traditional metal past, it is hard to make it accurately aligns with the centre of iPhone charging loops. And it directly covers the wireless charging loops leading to heat dissipation difficulty so that it hurts your phone. However, by using Magginy secure case, you never need to worry about the alignment problem, the circled design magnet installed in the case helps the accurate magnetic positioning and also it passes by the centre charging loops to avoid overheat.

Change the angle to whichever viewing angle you prefer with easy 360º rotation. See your screen the way you want without any compromises for safe driving and use.


The base of Magginy car charger is constructed of high-quality rubber to ensure your phone won’t slip on even the bumpiest roads. One step to stand it up and super easy to install or fix it on the A/C vent.

Along with the secure magnetic fit, Maginny features the following safety protections:

·   Short-Circuit Protection: Charge your device with peace of mind.

·   Battery Overcharge Protection: The Magginy is entirely safe from overcharging.

·   Output Overcharge Protection: Just enough power to charge your phone and nothing more.

·   Harsh Temperature Protection: Battery is safe from overheating to save your devices.

·   International Safety Compliance Certifications: Tested to meet all regulatory needs.

·   Drop Test-Certified: Tough enough to handle the bumps and bruises in your daily life.

·   365 Day Warranty: If anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it!

·   International Air Safety Approval: Safe for flying across countries.

Included in the box is a magnetic charging case for the iPhone8/8+ and iPhone X. If you have a different phone, we still provide included stainless-steel hoops and paste for any different cases. Magically make your case magnetic. Show off your personality anytime anywhere.



Get More Out of Your Battery Life


Magginy has enough battery capacity to charge your device more than once. When your battery dies after the first charge, rest assured you can still get more power when you need it! Compared to other devices, the 5000mAh capacity can be used for every emergency and daily battery needs. In your urgent need, wireless portable charger provides you extra battery life.


Magnetic & Wireless

Keep fully charged anytime, anywhere

Wherever you are, Magginy magnetic wireless power bank is your dead-battery solution. Never miss an urgent call, text, or photo because of a dead battery again! You also don’t need to hold your phone against the charger, because it strongly connects via magnets. Release your hands and enjoy the unprecedented experience with a hold and charge.



Charging Power for Any Device

Power up multiple devices simultaneously

Don’t have wireless charging capabilities on your device? No problem! Charge any device with the built-in USB output. You can also charge multiple devices at once using wireless and USB charging.



Slim body

Perfectly fit for your pocket

128mm*70mm super slim body provides you with the best portable charging experience. The Magginy Power Bank is coming with pocket size, which perfectly fit for your portable charging wherever you go.







Magginy team was created in 2011 and is an excellent community of innovating smart products. But we want to recognize and introduce you to the core R&D team which is responsible for technology testing and product development. They have worked hard to make our idea a reality. We have been dedicated to developing the best electronic products – especially smartphone accessories – for a long time. Magginy is our most recent charging product. We are launching Magginy on Indiegogo and are expecting feedback from you.


1. Does it have Pass-Through Charging? Can I charge this power bank while charging a phone at the same time?  

Yes, it has and you can charge it while it is charging your phone. Magginy is equipped with handle pass-through charging safely without damaging your device’s battery or its own.

2. Can I use my own customized phone case?

Temporarily not. When we achieve $30K goal, we will introduce a magnetic coil. You can stick it to the back of your phone, put on your phone case, and you can use the suction function to wirelessly charge your phone at the same time.

How does wireless charging works?

It works like this: A magnetic loop antenna (copper coil) is used to create an oscillating magnetic field, which can create a current in one or more receiver antennas. If the appropriate capacitance is added so that the loops resonate at the same frequency, it will start to charge.

3. Is wireless charging safe for my device?

Yes but only if you are charging it in the right way. If the copper coil of wireless charger does not align the receiver in your device, it will cause some damage to your device such as overheat or even explosion.

So it is always wise to align your device in the right place of the wireless charger to avoid overheat. However it is hard for many products to align accurately with your device.

4. Is the magnetic design safe?

Since the magnetic plate will always be moving around in your phone case, it is hard to align with your device accurately. Also, it directly covers on the wireless charging loops leading to heat dissipation difficulty so that it definitely hurts your phone if not charged right.

That’s why we created Magginy: the coolest wireless car charging provides. Our mission is to avoid the overheat problem and protect your device while charging.

Magginy has a secure case that perfectly match the wireless charger so you never need to worry about the alignment problem. Exclusively applied with our most recent SmartSafe™ technology, the design encircle the apple wireless charging centre, which can avoid accumulated over-heat because of the overlap between traditional adhesive metal past and iPhone charging centre.The circled design magnet installed in the case perfectly helps the accurate magnetic positioning and also it pass by the center charging loops in order to avoid over heat.

5. How can I recharged the powerbank?

There are two choices that you can recharge the power bank, by doc or by USB output.

6. How many devices can the Magginy charge at the same time?

The Magginy gives you two options to charge your devices at lightning fast speeds; either set your Qi-enabled device on the power bank or plug your device’s USB charge cable into the full-size USB output of the edge. The Magginy also features a Type-C input port with fast recharge capabilities.

7. When will the Magginy be shipped?

We will be shipping out our perks in June, 2018.

8. What is included in box?

The box includes a phone charging receiver case &  Portable power bank & magnetic hold charger. We also have other flexible charging combos with different product mix that you can choose.

9. What kinds of phone support Magginy’s phone case?

iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus/Samsung Galaxy S8/
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus/Samsung Galaxy S9/Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

We will send out a survey after the end of the campaign and you can fill out your phone type. We will ship your choice of phone case to you with your Magginy order. If you don’t have the phone listed above, you can always order the adhesive magnet and put it into your own case.

Qiplus: Wireless Travel Charger

Qiplus: Wireless Travel Charger

Qiplus is a 3-in-1 wireless portable station, charging panel and international adapter. It is portable, versatile, affordable, and of high quality. The all-in-one function brings you infinite possibilities. Relieve your carry-on weight, save money, and provide wireless convenience while you are traveling, meeting, or at home or in the office. It is the best choice for your mobile life.

Wall Charger

Extension cable charge

Use it as a wireless portable charger

Jumpstart yourself to a smarter lifestyle with a safe and durable international travel adapter

(a)  Compatible with USA, UK. Europe, Australia and 150+ others

(b)  The removable cable set uses a full copper core + PVC combination, surge protection stable and efficient fire protection.

Qi Plus is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone8, iPhone 8 plus and other Qi-certified wireless android devices. The original Qi plus technology enables low-temperature charging for optimal charging efficiency.

Qi plus has got you covered during travel, outdoor activities, at home or wherever you are. It not only functions as a power bank but also gives you the wireless convenience.

In addition to wireless charging, Qi plus has dual USB ports and reversible Type-C Port (In/Out), while charging up to 4 devices simultaneously. Qi Plus also guarantees a safe wireless charging temperature of 68-113°F (20-45°C).


Using the wall plug to charge multiple devices also charges the mobile power. It can be used as a wireless charger at your desk or home with the removable cable set.

Safety and durability define us. We have researched many travel adapters on the market, and used inexpensive materials and loose designs to run quality tests. What’s more?

The output of stable current and voltage play a vital role in the long-term health of the charger. To this end, we use various standards to achieve the best surge protection and service life.

With Qiplus, you don’t need to buy accessories such as power bank, adapters, extension cables and wall chargers. All these will come with your purchase without further charges.

1x wireless portable charger ,4x Plugs(US/UK/EU/AU),1x Extension cable(options:US/UK/EU)


Shipping Details

VAT or Import tax?

Due to the customs policy of different countries, we CANNOT prevent you from being taxed for buying our product in your country. Also our product price does NOT include your country’s VAT or import tax.


We offer 1-year warranty excluding wear and tear.

Refund & Return Policy

Return & refund is available only if the product is defective or damaged. Please contact us( before you return the product.