Solarbox Lumine

Solarbox Lumine

The first solar powered ipx7 outdoor speaker
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ultimate speaker for ouTdoor activities

Solar powered outdoor speaker + outdoor light + power bank

If you love to explore, but you also love life’s little luxuries such as music and limitless power. Previously, adventure meant sacrificing some of the enjoyment. Now, Solarbox Lumine, the ultimate speaker designed for adventure, brings together fun and practicality wherever you go.

10 mins sunshine =
30 mins playtime
Solar charging
Powered by the nature, receives sunlight efficiently and never goes powerless.

High conversion rate
10 mins sunshine = 30 mins music.

Long battery life
30 hours of continuous playtime.

IPX7 waterproof
Highest waterproof level, enjoy music at the parties by water.

Dust proof and rugged
Protected by durable materials, Solarbox Lumine is completely dust proof and shock proof.

meet all the needs of your adventure
LCD Light

118 Lumen. 4 modes for different occasions.

Power Bank
5V 2A charging speed,  keep your phone from running out of juice.

Unprecedented outdoor listening experience.
Multi connectivity
Features bluetooth, 3.5mm aux and TF card input.

Balanced frequency with distortion rate lower than 0.1%.

Clear balanced mids and low end bass response.

Two 10W acoustic drivers.


solar charging

IPX7 waterproof

2200mAh battery bank

solar light with foUr modes

Shockproof & dustproof

20w spEaker

Bluetooth 4.1


hand-free calling

You will receive launch deal email when crowdfunding campaign is launched on Indiegogo. You will get an extra discount as the super early bird. Please keep tuned and add our email to primary tab then you will not miss the deal.

Gamo: First 3D FPS Game Earphone

Gamo: First 3D FPS Game Earphone


Do you find it difficult to locate enemies by sound with your earphones? If so, you need GAMO. With signature ReCutting 3D™ ,GAMO allows you to hear every single audio detail of your game and tell the exact position of every footstep, gunshot, vehicle, and glider. By reloading sound in a 3D space, GAMO guarantees you to locate enemies!




Accurately locate enemies by their footsteps and track their movements


Update your strategy accordingly by differentiating various types of guns and by locating the distance and direction of the gunfire


Recreating the way you hear the real world by placing you in a 3D gaming environment

What makes GAMO unique? Unlike traditional stereo gaming headsets which separate the low, mid, and high frequencies to crank out sound positioning. Missing essential details of sound, you are less likely to locate the sound precisely. GAMO, with revolutionary design, enables you to accurately locate every key sound detail in a three-dimensional space. This is the reason why GAMO outperforms all the existing gaming headsets!
By incorporating the most advanced 3d positional audio-tracking and dual drivers technology, GAMO moves the sound positioning accuracy for any FPS games, including Fortnite and PUBG to the next level.

Meet the Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

Meet the Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

If you’re someone who isolates his or her travels to English-speaking destinations only, your world may have just opened up. If the only thing stopping you from seeing Versailles is not being able to speak French, there’s a solution. Pilot, a smart earpiece language translator, uses the latest in speech recognition technology to clearly understand other languages

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The Pilot translating earpiece translates between users speaking different languages.With a specially designed dual noise-canceling microphone and a powerful app, Waverly designed an innovative device that uses machine translation and speech synthesis to translate languages between people.

Image result for Meet the Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

Pilot’s smartphone app, for example, has a conference mode that allows multiple people to wear the earpiece and join in on the same conversation, no matter if you’re speaking Portuguese or Italian. By tapping into your speakerphone, you can easily communicate with everyone in your business meeting whether they’re in Madrid or Rome.

Image result for Meet the Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

Waverly Labs, when creating Pilot, made sure to keep comfort at the forefront of their earpiece design. From three different sized ear tips to three distinct color choices, Pilot made sure its earpieces were fashionable and at the same time, ergonomic.

Image result for Meet the Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator

Pilot consists of two earpieces – one for you to understand who you’re talking to, and one for them so they can understand you. The earpieces connect with an app on a smart device, which handles the translation with only a few seconds of delay. “This little wearable uses translation technology to allow two people to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other

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to reduce the lag time between speech and translation and create a more seamless and personal experience than might occur using other, written translation apps. When the earpieces are not being used for conversation, they can be used to stream music and the system has been designed to work offline to avoid any potentially crippling roaming costs.

VK-X: The Most Refined Wireless Headphones

VK-X: The Most Refined Wireless Headphones

Paris-based Aedle is known for their high-end headphones, but up until now, you’ve needed a cord to enjoy them. No more. The VK-X is the company’s first wireless offering. Using Bluetooth 4.2, they offer support for AptX HD, LDAC, and AAC audio up to 24 bit/96kHz, and have powerful active noise cancellation, making them ideal for travel.

A multi-function rotating control lets you pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume, and custom 40mm drivers provide outstanding audio reproduction. They last up to 24 hours per charge over USB-C, and have the same tasteful design, with genuine lambskin leather on the headband and earpads and machined aluminum cups, that helped make their past models so alluring.

The VK-X is the latest creation and our definition of what Wireless headphones should be.Each of our headphones is assembled by hand in our Parisian workshop.The Serie Edition features our traditional and timeless color choices. It will be produced on an ongoing basis (around 150 Units / Months for our Stores and Partners). And is available in many colors.


The Genuine Lambskin Leather is used to cover the VK-X earpads and headband comes from South of France. Aircraft Grade Aluminium parts bring to the VK-X its recognizable industrial and minimalist feel. We machine them one after one out of a single block of premium aluminium for a stable result.

The VK-X is a helmet assembled by hand in Paris, made of noble materials. Its pre-order release is accompanied by the launch of a customization service whereby customers will receive a color chart containing the various possible choices of materials.

GAMO: World’s First FPS Earphones with ReCutting 3D™ Technology

MOGA: Do you find it difficult to locate enemies by sound with your earphones? If so, you need MOGA. MOGA is professional-grade FPS earphones which gives you the unprecedented in-game audio effect. The signature recutting 3D Technology helps bring to life every detail sound of the game.

Gain ultimate competitive advantage to win the game. MOGA takes you beyond the screen and create a three dimensional surrounding sound field so you would feel yourself being placed in a real gaming field.

Unlike traditional over-ear gaming headsets which give uncomfortable pressure to your ears, MOGA fits inside your ears securely and we promise after long gaming session you would not even notice them. Pop the tiny 26mm earbuds in and enjoy the game for hours!

While traditional headsets only have a couple of drivers, MOGA features entire arrays of drivers. These drivers work in conjunction to create the immersive 3D effect. Each driver is pointed in a different direction to complete the 3D experience.


MOGA will significantly enhance and improve your gaming experience with the signature 3D intelligent algorithm and dual drivers. A lot of technology is packed into each tiny earbud, making MOGA a modern advancement in gaming audio.

MOGA also incorporates HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) technology, which takes into account of listeners anatomy, thus increasing overall sound quality and ensuring the most accurate sound placement.

With full 3D emulation, MOGA supports for many of the most common surround sound modes including 7.1, 5.1, 5.0, 2.1, 2.0. MOGA is also compatible with all the devices with 3.5mm plug, including VR devices. Enjoy your favourite games with unprecedented immersive audio effect.

You can easily switch between a cinema mode, gaming mode and music mode to perfect your listening experience. MOGA will always by your side!


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SolarBox: Solar Power Waterproof Portable Speaker

SolarBox: Solar Power Waterproof Portable Speaker


The SolarBox is the world’s most affordable and powerful solar powered speaker – just 10 minutes of solar charging will let you play music for 30 minutes! With rugged construction paired with crisp audio quality, free yourself from outlets and enjoy music on all of your adventures.


Solar Charging

Wherever there is sun, you have got an instant party! Rock out at the pool, at the campsite or on a hiking trail, guaranteed fun for all.

The material of the solar panel of Solar Box is rough, while most similar products on the market utilize smooth solar panels. The rough solar panel helps the speaker to receive sunlight more efficiently.


10 Minutes of Sunshine,

30 Minutes of Music

The SolarBox is engineered to travel with it’s durable design and impressive battery life. Place SolarBox under the sun for only 10 minutes and SolarBox can play music for 30 minutes* continuously. No electricity? No worries.


60 Hour- Battery Life

The eco-friendly solar panel and powerful Lithium Polymer battery of SolarBox generates massive amounts of power to play your tunes all day long. Let the music flow even at night or during cloudy days!


The SolarBox has an IPX-5 waterproof rating so it is ideal to take camping, to the river, or the pool. The water resistance rates as IPX-5, which means that SolarBox can stand water jets at any direction.



Protected by three layers of solid rubber and silica gel, the SolarBox is capable of absorbing shock and dispersing the impact away if dropped.


Dust proof

Surrounded 360° with rubber mesh makes SolarBox perfect for listening to your music on a hiking trail, beach, campground or forest.


LED Light

The high power LED light is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts. There are various modes of this light, such as illuminating mode, SOS emergency mode and wolf protection mode.

One-Touch Bluetooth Pairing

Easily connect for the perfect hands-free solution or direct via its standard Aux input. Connect the SolarBox with your smart phones, tablets, or computers and enjoy the new generation of high quality wireless transmission technology.


Master Sound

With detailed sound quality, ultra accurate speaker locations, expanded sound, and consistent high quality transmission via Bluetooth, make this, truly, the most epic listening experience you will ever have.



The SolarBox is amazingly powerful and cool for a speaker of this size. Its frequency is between 100 Hz-18,000 Hz, and the sound distortion rate is lower than 0.1%. With a balanced frequency and highly accurate digital signal, the stereo sound will impress adventurers & audiophiles.


Call Pickup

Connecting the SolarBox with your devices, you need only press a button to pick up or hang up the phone.


Easy to Attach

By simply using a carabiner or the hook loop, you can attach SolarBox to your bicycle, motorcycle, backpack, tent, or even a tree branch.



As the world’s smallest and lightest solar powered speaker, the SolarBox can bring the party everywhere!










Test video — shows the functions of solar charging, Bluetooth connectivity, LED light, call pickup, etc.





Our team is focused on the R&D of Bluetooth speaker, digital camera, portable battery, and other digital products. Our products were have been sold in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. We created SolarBox, the portable solar powered wireless Bluetooth speaker for outdoors, with mainstream CSR Bluetooth module, imported audio power amplifier, and Hifi speaker to benefit people and let them enjoy high quality music.

Furthermore, we are willing to be the earliest supporters and participants of the creative products. We hope to gather a group of friends who are just like us, so that together we can seek for the latest technology products, share the product experience, provide suggestions for the products before mass production, and help the products to become reality.

1. How to connect my device to the SolarBox with my device?

a. Long press the power switch and turn the power on. The red and blue Bluetooth indicator will flash alternatively.

b. Search the Bluetooth signal of nearby devices through your device and select “Solar Box”. Once the devices are connected, the blue indicator will keep lightening. The indicator will keep blinking when any data is under transferring.


2. How to answer and dial out phone calls?

a. When the SolarBox is connected to your smartphone, short press the “answer/play/pause” button to answer the phone call. Short press again to hang up the call.

b. Long press the “answer/play/pause” button to dial out the last call.


3. How to switch songs?

a. Short press the song/volume+ button to switch to the next song.

b. Short press the song/volume- to switch to the previous song.


4. How to adjust volume?

a. Long press the song/volume+ button to increase the volume.

b. Long press the song/volume- button to decrease the volume.


5. Are there any safety tips when using the SolarBox?

a. Please use charge the SolarBox with DC 5V/1A output.

b. Avoid any chemical liquid.

c. Avoid heating source with high temperature.


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