o photos and videos, we tend to entrust the recollections of a lifespan. you’ll say that these digital files ar a number of our most wanted possessions. however we frequently fail to require care of those visual artefacts. only too usually, we tend to assume that phones won’t break and cloud storage can offer bulletproof backup. the fact is kind of completely different. Capsule may be a neat very little device that ought to solve this issue. It’s a simple thanks to keep your photos safe and arranged, with full support for native drives and cloud storage.

– Device offers instant backup for photos and videos on all of your devices

– Copies media from smartphones, tablets, cameras, flash drives, and even social networks

– Companion app enables you to see and search through your photos from anyplace within the world

The Easy method
In recent times, the likes of Apple and Google have tried to tempt U.S.A. with low-cost cloud storage. Of course, the provide isn’t charitable — it’s business. Once you have got many thousand photos hold on on servers, it’s terribly troublesome to maneuver them elsewhere. As a result, you finish up paying regardless of the host demands.
With Capsule, you ne’er got to pay monthly fees. What’s additional, your photos don’t seem to be left hospitable hackers.

Instant Backup
It takes regarding 3 minutes to create your Capsule prepared for service. All it wants is a few power, a web affiliation, and a few memory device. The device will work with empty or half-full drives alike. you’ll be able to even introduce a USB hub to use multiple drives at identical time, do you have to want.

Smart App
That’s wherever the opposite 1/2 Capsule kicks in. apart from being a photograph storage facility, this device conjointly organizes your photos.

Via the mobile app or internet dashboard, you’ll be able to browse all the photographs and videos hold on in your Capsule drives. The interface is pretty intuitive, along with your photos ordered by date. It conjointly incorporates a powerful search operate, that permits you to go looking for individuals, events, places, dates, and more.