Be. Brush: The First Battery-Free, Powered Toothbrush

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The Be. hybrid toothbrush has all the power and performance of an electric toothbrush, combined with all of the utilitarian benefits of a manual toothbrush. It enables versatility and limitless usability, with a new sustainable technology you can feel good about.

What is your product?

The product is pioneering a whole new category of toothbrush. At this moment you have 2 choices, either you have an electric toothbrush, or you have a manual toothbrush, right? We have designed and developed a toothbrush that does not use batteries or electricity, yet it gives you the diamond clean of a powered toothbrush – how is this possible? Read on and learn more.


How does it work?

In order to truly understand the technical aspects of how this product actually works, you first need to get yourself a degree in advanced mechanical engineering, so you can crunch the numbers with us while we calculate the thermodynamics and energy transfer of kinetic power. Or alternatively, we can tell you that what we did was take a little input from the user, and multiply it into over 80,000 oscillating brush strokes, by simply giving a dial a few twists before you start to brush! That’s really all there is to it, just 3 steps – put toothpaste on the bristles, give the dial two full twists, hit the power button and you’re off brushing just like your electric. After 2 minutes are done, it shuts down automatically – if you turn it off before 2 minutes, you just need to turn the dial 1-1.5 times to get it back to a full charge the next time you brush.

What makes your product unique?

It’s truly the first of it’s kind, and was born out of a growing market ( electric toothbrushes ) mixed with another growing market ( sustainable commodities ), combined with a company ( Goodwell + Co. ) that’s mission is to empower people to think about personal care + global care as one in the same.

What problem(s) does your product solve?

Today, we discard 15 billion batteries annually worldwide. 87% of of them end up in landfills, 12% of them are incinerated, and just 1% are recycled. If we lined up all the batteries back to back that the world uses in just one year, it would be 466,000 miles long. That is long enough to wrap around the globe 18 times. We want to give people a sustainable alternative to using a powered toothbrush.

Pre-order from Indiegogo


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