PowerDock: Wireless fast charging dock & powerbank

PowerDock: Wireless fast charging dock & powerbank

Jumpstart yourself to a smarter lifestyle with the most powerful wireless mobile quick charging station + wired charging dock with powerbank. Creates an efficient and neat work environment for you! PowerDock is cleverly designed, works effortlessly and fulfills the dream of never worrying about battery life and messy cables.

                                     What does the Media say?

“Get Rid of Cord Clutter. Your desk is usually cluttered with adapters, cables and other peripherals that you need to charge your gadgets, but this one simple and sleek little slab cleans things up. THIS CHARGER RULES THEM ALL!


No doubt, entangling cables can be very frustrating. If you’re on the lookout for a fast wireless charger that supports the latest Qi technology, PowerDock is your best choice. The Qi wireless charging pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones.

PowerDock has two inputs, four output ports and a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge up to 5 devices at once. Also, it has an intelligent charging system that recognizes your current device without damaging it.

The only powerbank that can fast charge your device up to 10w. 7.5w output for iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, and up to 10w output for Android phones. For wire charging, the PowerDock supports one QC 3.0 (Qualcomm Quick Charging) USB-A to charge your Android 4x faster than a conventional charger, bringing your device’s battery to 80% in 35 minutes.


Add $5  “Upgraded PowerDock with PD 2.0” perk to upgrade

You don’t have to purchase: Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and Adapters which would cost you $75 to fast charge your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. With PowerDock in hand, you will reach the top charging speed for IOS devices. It brings your device’s battery to 50% in 30 minutes.With PD 2.0 wired charging, the Type-C output reaches up to 30W that matches the original AC MacBook Charger. So PowerDock is not only a power bank for up to 5 devices being charged simultaneously but also a charging solution for your MacBook.

Do you find your phone battery often dies before the end of the day? If so, you should buy a PowerDock so you can keep it pumped up with battery while on the go. The PowerDock has a 10000mAh battery capacity. Fully charge your iPhone X 2.5 times, iPhone8 3.5 times,Samsung 8 2.6 times



Never worried about powering off, even for your USB-C laptops.The PowerDock is a perfect charging dock on your desk because it can charge your devices and recharge itself simultaneously.

Get your aesthetic style started with your new PowerDock. It has a smooth aluminum finish, easy to clean, which is great to be a mouse pad as well for quick and accurate control.

The PowerDock intelligently detects the charging currents needed by different devices. No matter it’s your phone, laptop, e-book, game console or fitness band, the PowerDock always protects each of them from overcharging.

The PowerDock integrates all its great functions into a 9mm body. Its sleek design makes it a perfect companion for all your Apple or Android products.






A group of young people who are fascinated by high-tech products gathered together and dedicated to developing the best electronic consumer products. That’s us, CEENIU team. Fun, development and innovation are our tags; uniqueness is our philosophy.

We hope to gather a group of friends who are just like us so that together we can seek the latest technology products, share the product experience, listen and provide more suggestions for the products before mass production and make the product to become a reality. We are launching the PowerDock on Indiegogo and are expecting feedback from you.

1.What type of smartphone is the PowerDock compatible with?

The PowerDock is compatible with all Qi-certified devices. For example, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung S8, Samsung S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Google Nexus 4、5、6、7 , Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, Blackberry Priv, Blackberry Z30, LG Lucid 1,  LG G6, Motorola Droid Maxx, Motorola Droid Mini, Motorola Droid Turbo etc.

2. Does PowerDock have Pass-Through Charging? Can I charge this power bank while charging a phone at the same time?  

Yes, PowerDock has and you can charge it while it is charging your phone. PowerDock is equipped with handle pass-through charging safely without damaging your device’s battery or its own.

3. Is wireless charging safe for my device?

Yes but it is always wise to align your device in the right place of the wireless charger to avoid overheat.

4. How can I recharged the PowerDock?

You can fast recharge the PowerDock by USB-C or normal charging by Micro-USB

5. How many devices can the PowerDock charge at the same time?

The PowerDock gives you two options to charge your devices at lightning fast speeds; either set your Qi-enabled device on the PowerDock or plug your device’s USB charge cable into the full-size USB output of the edge. The PowerDock also features a USB-C input/output port. Altogether, PowerDock can charge up to five devices at the same time.

6. How can the PowerDock fast charge?

PowerDock can fast charge with wire and wirelessly. PowerDock supports one QC3.0 USB-A fast charging. For wireless device, PowerDock supports 7.5W iPhone 8, 8plus and X fast charging.

7. When will the PowerDock be shipped?

August, 2018.

8.What is QC 3.0 charging?

QC 3.0 is a fast charging protocol designed by Qualcomm. It offers efficient battery charging at speeds vastly superior to standard USB with standard cables and connectors.

QC 3.0 can bring you exceptional charging speed for your phones.

9.What is PD 2.0 charging?

The USB Power Delivery Specification (USB PD) enables the Powerdock to move beyond its current limited power capability to support 30W power delivery, realizing charging for MacBook and high speed charging for phones.

Long story short, with built-in PD 2.0, you would be able to charge your MacBook and quick charge your IOS devices without purchasing additional cables and adapters.

10.How could you make sure the IOS devices support fast charging?

Apple has officially stated that with fast charging, your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X can charge up to 50 percent in as few as 30 minutes. However, you would need to pay at least $75 for Apple’s 29W power adapter and a USB-C-to-Lightning cable. This extra $75 is pricey, even when fast charging is necessary. (Read more about this here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208137)

11. Can I get more than one perk at once?

According to Indiegogo rules, you can only purchase one perk at a time. If you want more than one perks, you need to purchase them separately.

Qiplus: Wireless Travel Charger

Qiplus: Wireless Travel Charger

Qiplus is a 3-in-1 wireless portable station, charging panel and international adapter. It is portable, versatile, affordable, and of high quality. The all-in-one function brings you infinite possibilities. Relieve your carry-on weight, save money, and provide wireless convenience while you are traveling, meeting, or at home or in the office. It is the best choice for your mobile life.

Wall Charger

Extension cable charge

Use it as a wireless portable charger

Jumpstart yourself to a smarter lifestyle with a safe and durable international travel adapter

(a)  Compatible with USA, UK. Europe, Australia and 150+ others

(b)  The removable cable set uses a full copper core + PVC combination, surge protection stable and efficient fire protection.

Qi Plus is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone8, iPhone 8 plus and other Qi-certified wireless android devices. The original Qi plus technology enables low-temperature charging for optimal charging efficiency.

Qi plus has got you covered during travel, outdoor activities, at home or wherever you are. It not only functions as a power bank but also gives you the wireless convenience.

In addition to wireless charging, Qi plus has dual USB ports and reversible Type-C Port (In/Out), while charging up to 4 devices simultaneously. Qi Plus also guarantees a safe wireless charging temperature of 68-113°F (20-45°C).


Using the wall plug to charge multiple devices also charges the mobile power. It can be used as a wireless charger at your desk or home with the removable cable set.

Safety and durability define us. We have researched many travel adapters on the market, and used inexpensive materials and loose designs to run quality tests. What’s more?

The output of stable current and voltage play a vital role in the long-term health of the charger. To this end, we use various standards to achieve the best surge protection and service life.

With Qiplus, you don’t need to buy accessories such as power bank, adapters, extension cables and wall chargers. All these will come with your purchase without further charges.

1x wireless portable charger ,4x Plugs(US/UK/EU/AU),1x Extension cable(options:US/UK/EU)


Shipping Details

VAT or Import tax?

Due to the customs policy of different countries, we CANNOT prevent you from being taxed for buying our product in your country. Also our product price does NOT include your country’s VAT or import tax.


We offer 1-year warranty excluding wear and tear.

Refund & Return Policy

Return & refund is available only if the product is defective or damaged. Please contact us(qiplusteamus@gmail.com) before you return the product.

SolarBox Mini: The most rugged outdoor mini speaker

SolarBox Mini: The most rugged outdoor mini speaker



Big sound from a pocket size body! Shockproof, dustproof, temperature resistant, IPX 6 water resistant. The mini solar speaker for any rough adventures.The SolarBox Mini is a outdoor pocket size and the world’s most affordable and powerful solar powered speaker that combines excellent audio quality, rugged construction, Bluetooth connectivity, and many other features for outdoor activities.

Efficient Solar Charging  

SolarBox Mini The most rugged mini solar speakerBuilt in original high power monocrystalline silicon solar panel, SolarBox Mini could be charged by solar energy efficiently enough. When there is sun, there is power. The SolarBox mini is engineered to travel with it’s durable design and impressive battery life. Place SolarBox Mini under the sun for only 30 minutes and SolarBox can play music for 30 minutes* continuously. No electricity? No worries.

4 Proofs, support for rugged adventures

SolarBox Mini The most rugged mini solar speakerSurrounded 360° with rubber mesh makes SolarBox Mini perfect for listening to your music on a hiking trail, beach, campground or forest. SolorBox Mini is resistant to dust. The specific design and material of SolarBox repels dust, protect it from dust and grift. SolarBox Mini also has the an IPX6 Waterproof rating so it is ideal to take camping, to the river, or the pool. The water resistance rates as IPX-6, which means that SolarBox can stand water jets at any direction. Protected by three layers of solid rubber and silica gel, SolorBox Mini is shockproof, being capable of absorbing shock and dispersing the impact away if dropped. It is capable of withstanding operating temperatures from -13ºF (-25ºC) or 185ºF (85 ºC) for 100 cycles (equivalent to 28 hours).

Super long 20+ hours battery life

Built in original high power monocrystalline silicon solar panel, SolarBox Mini could be charged by solar energy efficiently enough. The total battery capacity storage is 2000mAh, which support 20+ hours battery life. When there is sun, there is power. The SolarBox mini is engineered to travel with it’s durable design and impressive battery life.

Take it wherever you want

SolarBox mini has a slim body with a dimension of 101 mm * 101 mm * 47 mm and you can take it anywhere regarding it as a portable mini speaker. Only 226 g weight, put it in your bag and it does not occupy too much space.

Premium sound ever

The SolarBox Mini is amazingly powerful and cool for a speaker of this size. Its frequency is between 100 Hz-18,000 Hz, and the sound distortion rate is lower than 0.1%. With a balanced frequency and highly accurate digital signal, the stereo sound will impress adventurers & audiophiles.You can enjoy excellent sound quality with a High-Definition sound system.

Hands-free call 

After the Bluetooth is connected, if there is a phone call, the product will read out the phone number, short press the product call to answer/play/pause button to answer, short press it to hang up again. After the Bluetooth connected, double-click the product to answer the call, play or pause to dial the number of the last call. Press again to hang up.


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