With flying in mind and water at hand, the AquaJet H2 gives its users the independence in the water you desire with balance, stability and operability. 

Multiple ways to use: both on surface and underwater.

AquaJet combines modern technology with intelligent design to create a diving experience unheard of before in the world of DPV’s. The AquaJet features revolutionary wings modeled after the wings found on the most aerodynamic planes to allow the AquaJet to fly through the water with ease.

We also developed a smart internal motor to drive the AquaJet with variable speeds and advanced safety controls. Additionally, positive buoyancy allows for a quick ascent to the surface in case of emergency or if the rider needs a breath of fresh air.

All of these unique features were developed by an experienced team with precision and careful attention to detail to ensure that the AquaJet provides not only a fun diving experience, but is incredibly safe for everyone with a minimal learning curve.

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 The King of The Speed 

The AquaJet’s smart motor has three variable speeds for users to control via the right wing with the top speed maxing out at 9km/h (5.6 mph). With high speed, you can freely enjoy flying on the surface and at depth.

 Explore The Impossibility

The AquaJet H2’s components are all waterproof. Science has shown that the vast majority of marine species live at depths less than 60 feet (18 m). The AquaJet H2 is excellent for free diving applications with a measured depth of 18 meters. Explore the magical world underneath the surface with greater flexibility and a higher range of travel. 

Surf Freely Like A Dolphin 

The AquaJet’s motor is more powerful than any other underwater scooter, making it strong enough to carry four people at once.  The motor is powerful enough to ride along the ocean (something other DPV’s can’t do).

Free Diving With More Possibilities 

AquaJet is a new agile way to explore the underwater world for beginners and advanced divers alike with easy controls and high-performance features. Aircraft-style wings give the AquaJet a sleek appearance while reducing water resistance to fly through currents and waves.

Fly Beyond Limits

The world’s first underwater scooter with wings.  Human and machine are in perfect balance with the wing design. The AquaJet’s wings were based on the wings on the most powerful planes in the world for a streamlined diving experience with reduced resistance and minimal fatigue for divers.To offset the torque generated from the rotation of the motor and propeller, the tail’s bottom grille board features an arch shape design which provides maximum horizontal stability and a smooth control experience for the diver. 

An Underwater Scooter for Everyone

Not a professional diver? Not a problem. You can easily learn to use the AquaJet H2 in 10 minutes. The wings make controlling the AquaJet H2 effortless and users can control the ride via the two magnetic buttons on either wing. Simply slip your arms through the straps, grab ahold of the wings, outstretch your arms and power on the device.

The left-hand switch controls acceleration and the right-hand switch controls the speed. Once you have control of the speed, subtle tilts of the wings are all that’s necessary to adjust the direction of the AquaJet. Tilt the device downwards to enter diving mode and point it up to jet to the surface.

Designed to mimic the dynamic control of the wings on an airplane, the AquaJet’s wings give you precise control over the vehicle as you quickly glide through the water. All of the motor controls are installed in the wings with straps to lock the riders in, so you will never lose track of the AquaJet or stray from your chosen path.

 Positive Buoyancy  

The AquaJet is not only for recreational enjoyment, but can also assist in emergency situations thanks to its positive buoyancy. Whenever divers need to make a quick escape to the surface, they simply point the AquaJet up, and it will float very quickly to the surface. Additionally, divers can hold onto the AquaJet to stay afloat while they rest or wait for help.

 Even when the battery is dead, the AquaJet will float on its own.

Five Safety Protections

We always put your safety first. The Intelligent-controlled motor provides five safety protections. With an alarm light, it will keep you informed of any system alerts including low battery or motor problems.

What’s More

The AquaJet features many built-in safety and comfort features to make the dive seamless and enjoyable for all swimmers, regardless of skill level. These extra safety precautions protect not only the diver, but also the AquaJet’s essential components to provide a safe, reliable and enjoyable diving experience. 

Extra-long Battery Life

AquaJet delivers with extra-long battery life. The built-in battery has a long charge life of over 100 minutes between charges allowing for more underwater and ocean surfing fun without the need to find a power source. 

GoPro Mount Compatible

AquaJet allows you to capture various angles above and under the ocean. With AquaJet’s GoPro mount, you can not only film the marine life underwater, but also capture your surfing experience and your fun time with friends when kayaking.

Extremely Quiet

Since the propeller is directly driven by the H2 motor, it avoids gear noise. AquaJet is powerful with low noise, providing a peaceful and serene underwater experience that doesn’t disrupt any surrounding ocean life.

Emergency Rescue

In rescue situations, the AquaJet can function as a floatation device to support swimmers while waiting for help to arrive. AquaJet H2 is a perfect device for water rescue.

Bring the AquaJet on your next adventure anywhere with the carry-on bag for easy transport.

We include all the tools you need to make some minor adjustments, such as Allen wrenches, chargers and extra seal rings, and we even added a better dive experience with a weight and swim cap to adjust the buoyancy so that you walk under the surface.

Include: AquaJet H2×(1) Portable Bag×(1) Inflator Pump×(1) Battery×(1) Charger×(1) Extra Sealing Ring×(2) Allen Wrench×(1) Swimming Cap×(1) Clump Weight×(1) 

Made with highly durable materials, AquaJet can be dropped, thrown into the water and more without having to worry about impacting its performance. No matter the difference in temperature from 5 to 60°C (41-140°F), corrosive offshore environment, or long-term sunlight, AquaJet H2 will always be kept in perfect condition.

Long maintenance periods of 12 months , so you can keep the diving fun going!

We did a lot of research on 20 underwater propellers and found out that the products which are under $1,000 are not suitable for recreational use in the ocean. The products that are over $1,000 are designed for professionals, which are too difficult for normal users. So, we designed H2, the only affordable, easy-to-operate, safe and powerful sea scooter for your recreational use.

Most importantly, flying in the ocean is incredibly irresistible.

The wing design provides an easy experience The biggest challenge faced by flat wings is the fact that they are affected by water pressure. In view of this, we not only used strong and powerful ABS materials on this product, but also spent nearly two years on designing and developing this product and finally solved this difficult problem, allowing flat thrusters to dive 20 meters deep. 

AquaJet H2 has been all over the world, from Bohol island in the Philippines to Bali in Indonesia. After over ten test sessions  in swimming pool and the ocean internationally, we got valuable feedback from 70 professional divers and 200 normal users.

Professional test drive team with Julia Mouse Dominguez

Luckily, we receive many positive comments from our testers and most of them expressed their desire to see that the AquaJet H2 could be manufactured as soon as possible. 

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Why are we so confident? Because we have already finished a small batch of production! Our team has an experienced manager who used to work in the supply chain industry for 17 years at Philips, PowerOne, T-Mobile and Whirlpool. Our team also has professional divers, employees from international IT/ICT firms and an aerospace lab and institution. We are confident that our team will make sure every single H2 will be strictly tested and produced successfully.



The soul of the company is innovation. We have obtained more than 30 patents, including seven invention patents. Our team has created products, and in the future we will create more innovative products.








 1. Which age group is the AquaJet H2 for?

Suggested age range: 16-60.

2. How to ensure the safety of shipping?

We use multiple layers of cardstock and premium pearl cotton to protect the internals of the AquaJet, making the scooter shock-proof and drop-proof so it is robust enough to be handled even on your toughest adventures.

3. What is the shipping policy?

Delivery: July 2018

The weight including battery is 14kg. The gross weight including accessories is 20kg.

Free shipping to USA, Canada, EU and UK.

$100 to rest of the world.

Since the battery is included, the cost of shipping is very high to rest of the world. That is the reason why we charge $100 for countries other than USA, Canada, EU and UK. We are trying our best to save our backers money. Starting up with this new product, we are offering highly discounted price on Kickstarter. So we are not able to cover the extra shipping fee.

4. What is the maintenance policy?

We provide 1 year maintenance for AquaJet H2. AquaJet is an international company based in USA and China. If you have any questions related to the maintenance and products, you can always contact service@hoverstar.net

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