power bank, Ewriter tablet and notebook

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Classic and Future, innovative writing experience

MemoNote is an E-Writer Tablet, Power Bank,private notebook & reading light All-in-one device that you can use for all purpose for your work and study. You can draft, take note, charge your cell-phone and hold your card. Protect your privacy and easy to take.


Pressure Sensing Technology

10.2-inch LCD Writing Tablet

Motion Launch Lock

Replaceable Notebook

Gesture control light

7000mah Power Bank

10.2-inch Press Sensing Ewriter Tablet

Spread your imagine on 10.2-inch Ewriter tablet and feel the real ink-like feedback. Simply remove your picture with a click on button.

7000mAh Power Bank

Charge your iphonex 3times. Keep in touch whenever and wherever.

Motion Launch Lock.

We care what you care. Our motion launch lock protect your privacy. Your book only belongs to yourself.

Gesture control light

Limited by brightness? Ebook say no. Gesture control light enable sketch even in dim light. Don’t lose any oppuntinity.

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